Copper Athlete Award


This award was implemented in the 2015-16 school year and is given to student-athletes who are multi-sport athletes at Copper Hills High School. Students who participate in at least three sanctioned sports, school sponsored club sports, or cheer are eligible for nomination for 3 years of participation. 

Students who receive this award will be given a Copper Athlete pin and certificate, and have his/her name placed on a board in the trophy area of the school.

To apply for this award, please see Ben Morley (Athletics Director)

Recipients & Graduation Year

Christian Allen 2016
Skyler Andam 2016
Ashlee Anderson 2016
Hailey Barker 2016
Megan Barrow 2016
Hunter Crane 2016
MeKenzie Cummings 2016
Kirsten Davis 2016
Isaac Fabiano 2016
Kaitlin Farley 2016
Mylee Gatten 2016
Kaitlyn Herbert 2016
Kayden Houser 2016
Braden Jensen 2016
Mikelle Magalogo 2016
Charlie Olsen 2016
Alex Pistorius 2016
Brock Roberts 2016
Randy Weintz 2016
Connor Bentley 2017
Bryson Brown 2017
Zachary Fratto 2017
Joseph Gregory 2017
Ellie Shiess 2017
Kaitlyn Sisler 2017
​Shelby Snyder 2017
Alyssa Gatten 2018